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Huitong technology to welcome you to join us!

Mining talent, develop talent, respect for talent is huitong technology way of choose and employ persons. Because we believe that only precious people's most important asset, is the foundation of the development of the enterprise. Therefore, we are looking forward to your joining, blood to huitong technology, and we help each other, make progress together, to share. We are a high-tech company high-speed development of the new three board, we hope to provide you with a broader platform for talent, talent now.

Our OFFICE with convenient transportation and spacious and comfortable, you will be here to exercise various aspects ability; You will also have the opportunity to accept training projects, to become excellent managers or leaders; We prepared for you a talent salary never disappoint you, if you are good enough, we will also be awarded to you ten times as much as one hundred times more value-added space of the stock option and employee share!

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