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◆ Basic salary: we offer attractive salary, every year according to the company's business development and the performance evaluation for the performance and increase pay.

◆ Social insurance: all employees can enjoy the company provided as stipulated in the zhongshan in zhongshan city comprehensive health insurance benefits, including pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance), in addition, the company also for employees to purchase a commercial insurance, do not charge any employees.

◆ The public accumulation fund for housing construction: every sign of "labor contract" with the company employees can enjoy the benefits of housing accumulation fund provided by the company.

◆ Annual bonus: employee of job over a year, we will issue the corresponding bonus according to company policies.

◆ Union benefits: free for sports activities, tourism activities, such as wedding handsel, birth present welfare

Other benefits

1, according to the staff working fixed number of year, entitled to annual vacation with pay. 2, paid holiday gifts, goodies for Chinese New Year / 38 section "gift/gifts/the midautumn festival moon cake/National Day gift);

3, floating performance bonuses, allowances, communication allowance, high temperature allowance, etc.;

4, have collective staff birthday celebration or coupon bread or cake;

5, organizes to travel, or activity;

6, year-end companies will hold annual dinner, collective sweepstakes, thanks to all the staff for the company's diligence pays;

7 for a full year, staff are entitled to marriage, festive and subsidies. 

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