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Guangdong Huitong information Polytron Technologies Inc


  Guangdong Huitong information Polytron Technologies Inc was founded in 2001, registered capital of 21 million yuan, is an integrated service platform to create a set of wisdom, safe city, intelligent transportation, communications services in the field of construction scheme, design of hardware and software product development, production and sales as one of the.

   In recent years, benefit from the national security strategy policy, industrial policy advantage will be further played. Company to "smart city", "safe city" development as an opportunity to adopt advanced technology and information technology, focusing on science, by virtue of the "people-oriented, customer satisfaction, quality assurance, continuous improvement" spirit of enterprise and the "quality guarantee, science and technology as the pilot, service based" business philosophy, continue to accumulate experience, improve the technical level.

  In the field of smart city so deep and stronger on the basis, the company is also actively layout, vertical extension, and the large security manufacturers such as Hikvision, Zhejiang, Dahua, Vimicro electronic, Zhongwei company established a good partnership, realize resource technology, information, market share, and has a number of independent innovative technology, on this basis, increase R & D investment, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, build Huitong their main products, enhance the comprehensive strength of the independent.

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