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  • Office address: Dongming Road, Guangdong city of Zhongshan province Shiqi District No. 11

Enterprise vision: To become a leader in smart city construction

Enterprise mission: To provide one-stop solutions and services for smart city construction

Management policy: Quality assurance, science and technology as the guide, service as the foundation

Corporate philosophy: Customer first, quality first, integrity services, continuous improvement

Company's development strategy:

Product strategy: to determine the goal of technology research and development according to the changing trend of development of the industry and the needs of users, the company have the ability to develop custom software, through widely undertake security, intelligent system, provide the market channel guarantee for long-term development of the business of the company;

Marketing strategy: "wisdom city" and the security of the Internet in the national policy to promote and represent the general trend, the company level will become the company's future to determine the direction of market development, it is a great opportunity for the security industry to change the wave of intelligent city. The company aimed at the new situation of China's economic development, the rapid increase in market share for the purpose of independent production, research and development company, to undertake the "wisdom city" and "safe city" project, a prospective planning the layout of the smart city service infrastructure, improve automation, intelligence and the level of interoperability and established good cooperation the relationship with many customers, improve the company's market share;

Service strategy: the company has been through the establishment of the customer service center, responsible for handling customer warning, maintenance, maintenance and other services. By accelerating the transformation of the way of customer service, improve the company's product line and business chain, with products and services as a breakthrough, establish and perfect customer service service team, using their own strengths, longitudinal intensive extension in the industrial chain, and gradually expand the scope of business and application fields, lay the foundation for the subsequent business model diversification.

Our advantage:

Customer resources: the company for many years in Zhongshan city as the center, deep Guangdong area market, with first-class technology and excellent quality, and at the same time, the company actively explore new markets in the province, Heyuan City, Yangjiang City, Yunfu city to undertake the "smart city" project, the layout of infrastructure network, in multiple segments made a higher market share, has a number of high-quality customer resources;

Technical advantages: the technology roadmap of Huitong technology adhere to independent research and development, has a strong scientific research and technical research and development team, after years of accumulation of the project, has made a series of research results of intelligent community service. And each year through technical research and development team to produce a number of new R & D results;

Talent advantage: after nearly a few years of development, the company has initially formed a technical experts, business backbone, reserve forces and a variety of technical and professional personnel with a reasonable mix of elite team;

Quality advantage: the company with a long-term accumulation of technical advantages and comprehensive service capabilities, access to a number of professional qualifications, to meet the security and integrated computer information industry professional qualification requirements, has become one of the areas with the complete enterprise.

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