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E - life digital community platform
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E - life digital community platform 

  E - life for digital intelligent visual intercom system, aims to design a set of solve home security, home entertainment, social information, and digital community as a whole is quite prospective all-round intelligent family digital products.

E - life visible interphone

 Below from left to right are: indoor machine, door machine, door machine, villa fence machine 

Product features:

● E - life with a touch screen LCD digital display

● E - life video high pixel, image quality is clear

● E - life to realize the multi-channel communication at the same time

● E - life with family intelligent terminal interface

● E - life to achieve multi-purpose card services: using China telecom's wings, realize the entrance guard system.


Platform function

Visual intercom: E - life lets you feel the communication are everywhere;

Fashion shopping: E - life allows you to experience home shopping pleasure;

Intelligent security: E - life let you at ease, no trouble back at home.

Real-time information: E - life let you never go out, get the latest information.


Product advantage 


E - Life products

Similar products on the market

Traditional analog

Common function 

1. The home security alarm receiving and sending

2. Visible interphone some indoor machine of all functions 

1. The smart home control and state detection (optional)

2. The home entertainment: MP3, video playback, electronic photo album, games, etc 


Functional difference

1. Domestic service function

2. Multiple system support

3. Request to send and receive services through multiple channels

4. The wings, realize the entrance guard system 


1. Surfing

2. The universal remote control 


Economic advantage

E - build way, life is suitable for the Internet and local area network (LAN) and China telecom for E - life reserves into the optical fiber to the home network, developers not repeat investment network cost, hence E - life products have absolute economic advantage.

Does not support the way to China telecom optical fiber to the home and net, two developers need to set up the Internet and LAN network

The product using the analog to digital signals, developers must be repeated in network costs.




● E - life using China telecom co., LTD. Zhongshan branch strong resources, and saved money to developers.

● In digital community platform, on the basis of perfecting E - life with colorful access to information, realize seamless link.

● Huitong company based security systems, digital community platform, property management system services, such as E - intelligent life can provide comprehensive service.


Product benefits 


1) Improve the grade of the real estate brand, and living quality.

2) Contributed to the building management informationization, intelligent. Promote the development of the management mode and level.

3) Improve the security of the estate management.

4) Improve the transparency of management, so as to achieve openness, financial disclosure.

5) Communication between the tube 5, closer to people and things, so that the management to better provide service for housing.



1) Convenient for residents and pipe, and other user interaction, solve the phone I couldn't get through things past residents is deficiency.

2) Is advantageous to the residents to experience the convenience of online shopping fun.

3) Convenient for residents to visitors and building monitoring, improve the resident confidence in the safety of the building.

4) Documents electronic bills, life, make the housing in a timely manner to understand the bill, avoid overdue bills stop service. 

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