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The door machine
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Product introduction

Product name: 3.5 inch the door machine (wall)

Product model: H3 - K880D35 - V3K1 

Functions and features:

● Directly call extension or two-way radio management center;

● Support password lock, call center management;

● Night lighting compensation function;

● Operating method of liquid crystal screen scrolling marquee tip;

● Auxiliary keyboard backlighting lighting at night;

● Touch-key design;

● The door machine its maximum capacity 9999 users can connect indoor machine;

● Extensible ID/IC entrance guard, support ID/IC card to open the door;

● Metal wiredrawing appearance; 


Product name: 10.4 inches of the host

Product model: H3 - K880D104K1 

Functions and features:

 ● Directly call extension or two-way radio management center;

● Support password lock, call management center, card lock;

● With CCD cameras, night lighting compensation, backlight compensation function;

● Call automatic image capture function;

● The door machine center for display images or text messages;

● Support 485 interface, can be 485 turn, TCP/IP signal to center of elevators linkage control.

● Support remote upgrade or maintenance;

● Die casting drawing panel;


Product name: villa door machine

Product model: H3 - D880 - V5K1 

Functions and features:

 With K1 indoor parts visitors call secondary confirmation function;

 Directly call indoor machine, the realization of communication functions;

 Oxide semiconductor camera with luminous compensation function;

 Digital signal transmission, l modular structure, bus system wiring and K1 indoor parts;

 Metal wiredrawing appearance, riot appearance design;


Product name: seven inches below the indoor machine

Product model: d7 - VIK1 H3-880 

Functions and features:

 Metal wire drawing panel processing, texture;

 Use CD grain processing, key metallic simple sense is strong;

 Monitor, call, intercom, unlock;

 Provide the doorbell and emergency protection zones interface;

 8 slip wired alarm function;

 Information extraction/query functions;

 Newsletter record query, take the message playback function;

 Multimedia playback function;

 Community network service function;

 Indoor machine linkage elevator function;

 Automatic online/offline self-check function;

 More extension telephone connection between function;

 485 linkage alarm host function;


Product name: center management machine

Product model: H3 - K880D9K1 

K1 management machine can call indoor machine, monitoring the door machine, lock function calls to unit the door machine, convenient and efficient management community.

Functions and features:

 All touch design;

 Full digital color visible interphone;

 Software free upgrade;

 Call households extension;

 Monitor unit the door machine; Unlocked remotely;

Technical indicators:

● Power supply: DC12V / 4 a.

 The LCD panel for 9 inches, it is a standard video CCIR656 interface;

 Video using MPEG4 / h. 264 real-time encoding/decoding, audio using ADPCM coding way;

 Video transmission but make it a two-way video 25 FPS; 

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