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Hd bayonet vehicle identification system
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Hd bayonet vehicle identification system 

A brief introduction, software

Bayonet vehicle identification system application software is designed for bayonet scenario, provide professional bayonet pictures structured analysis system software. System can realize secondary bayonet vehicle image information recognition and vehicle to SouTu modeling function, such as vehicle detection information full range, high precision. The system software is mainly aimed at central intelligence structured processing, fully meet the needs of mass pictures structured analysis processing. Based on intelligent vehicle image structured analysis processing, bayonet depth of mining vehicle images of key information effectively, provide data for the application of the late analysis basis.

Second, the system architecture

This application system architecture mainly includes the bayonet vehicle identification system application software, gallery, platform software, photo storage server, etc. Bayonet vehicle image recognition system based on the front-end bayonet for secondary structural identification, and structural properties of the vehicle are extracted from pictures, to the upper or big data business platform application system to provide the basic data.

A, the data flow 

1) The public security industry platform software bayonet image analysis tasks distributed to the bayonet vehicle recognition system;

2) The bayonet after receiving task platform issued by vehicle identification system, bayonet was obtained from the front-end monitoring camera or photo storage server images, and the pictures do intelligent structured analysis processing;

3) Mount after the vehicle identification system will be structured text information stored in the view in the gallery system;

4) Public security industry platform software provides query retrieval interface, to realize the objective of vehicle positioning queries quickly, and can realize the depth of the industry business application.

A, the product function

Bayonet vehicle identification system, cooperate with public security industry platform software, can achieve large data early warning, a car before landing in a query, vehicle trajectory, point analysis, have been supervised vehicles and other vehicles big data applications. Combining with the public security technical methods, can provide important clues to solve the case to the users of the public security industry.

● Warning: big data regions in different time, different vehicle big data, may trigger threshold;

● A car before query: a period of time after a certain vehicle situation of bayonet, filtering them by searching for a vehicle characteristics, the results;

● A car before view: to know the target vehicle in a period of time after which a few CARDS;

● Vehicle monitor: to search the target vehicle as an example, the system can real-time tracking target vehicle, such as some part in xx bayonet;

● Vehicle trajectory: by tracking the target vehicle, driving track;

● Collision area: for example, A region with B area between the intersection of the vehicle, or ten regions and the rest of the 100

A collision zone, is a large amount of data;

● Foothold analysis: public security by big data platform to judge the frequency of the vehicle at a particular point more, may be a nest hole;

● Traffic statistics: statistics under the bayonet through traffic statistics over a period of time;

● Frequent car: once the vehicle has been frequently under certain bayonet car;

● For the first time into the city: a car before never appear in this area;

● According to the characteristics of the search: in accordance with the local characteristics in the area as a condition of search retrieval.

Second, the features

Bayonet vehicle identification system for secondary identification of vehicle information accuracy than usual equipment have corresponding increase, attribute recognition more rich. Through structured intelligence analysis of the vehicle images, depth excavation mass vehicle images of key information, provide data basis for application of industry analysis.

5.1 vehicle information recognition

 Can identify license plate number characters

"0 ~ 9" ten digits, "A to Z" 26 English letters;

Provinces, Chinese characters are referred to as "(Beijing, tianjin, hebei, Mongolia, liao, kyrgyzstan, black, Shanghai, guangxi, zhejiang, anhui, fujian, jiangxi, guangxi, henan, hubei, hunan, guangdong, guangxi, hainan, sichuan, guizhou, cloud, hide, shan, gan, green, ning, new, jin, jiangsu, shandong, chongqing);

Type 2013 military license plate;

New 2013 armed police license plate character (" WJ, 0-9, A to Z, Beijing, tianjin, jin, hebei, Mongolia, liao, kyrgyzstan, black, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui, fujian, jiangxi, shandong, henan, hubei, hunan, guangdong, guangxi, hainan, sichuan, guizhou, cloud, Tibetan, shan, gan, green, ning, new, chongqing ");

Plate classification in Chinese characters (p, learn, collar, try and hang, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan); Hong Kong and mainland car license plate, the embassy, consulate, civil aviation plate;

● Type 92 licences (GA 36-92), 02 licence (GA 36.1-2001);

 Can identify 11 kinds of color

Able to identify 11 kinds of color, including white, gray, black, red, purple, blue, yellow, green, blue, brown, pink, also can identify the body color of dark and light color.

 Can identify seven kinds of vehicle models

Able to identify seven kinds of common vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, cars, vans, pickup trucks, suvs, medium-sized passenger car.

 Can identify more than 200 kinds of vehicle brands

Brand can identify more than 200 kinds of vehicle, including mercedes-benz, BMW, Volkswagen, buick, Toyota, Honda, iveco, jinbei, audi, ford, hyundai, Mazda, chery, Citroen, Chevrolet, Peugeot, dongfeng, wuling, nissan, kia, crown, southeast, byd logo, etc.

 Can identify more than 2000 kinds of vehicle brands

Can identify more than 2000 kinds of vehicle brands, segmentation models including audi A6L, audi Q3, audi Q5, aston Martin DB9, aston Martin DBS, porsche 911, buick model, regal, lacrosse, pentium B50, pentium B70, this poem Tian Ge figure, Honda feng fei, Peugeot 307, Peugeot 308, such as more than two thousand kinds of segmentation model, its scope includes the current has been discontinued, or just listed various segmentation model sell like hot cakes.

 Visor recognition

Whether can realize the front wheel down the window-shade detection. In forensic investigation and monitor, can better use the preliminary screening of suspected vehicle identification information, as will the night still put down the visor vehicles control as the key to management.

 Safety belt to identify

Can be realized in the front row on whether to wear your seat belt and detection, which was not wearing a seatbelt vehicles can be carried out in accordance with the road traffic safety and the implementation regulations illegal punishment.

 Phone recognition

Can identify and detect whether the driver cell phone, and be able to drive for cell phone illegal driving traffic management have very good.

 Consists vehicle identification

Can realize the vehicle windshield yellow mark recognition, and special projects in ban consists of car into the city.

 Dangerous goods vehicle identification

Through the characteristics of the dangerous goods vehicle detection can be achieved the identification of dangerous goods vehicles, special for dangerous goods vehicles and management provide the basis functions.

5.2 vehicle model

Bayonet vehicle identification system for bayonet images of the target vehicle model, used in an attempt to the realization of the function of SouTu, namely by searching for a figure As text or visual characteristics, through the similar information than in the retrieval system, target image information of an intelligent search method, which can be widely applied to the suspect to modify or change the license plate, deck car detection, face rapid retrieval, forensic investigation scenario and other business needs. 

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