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Visual intercom
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Visual intercom 

  K1 series visual talk-back system is a kind of engineering business and modern property requirements for security systems, management center as the core, building visible interphone as the main body, can be connected to a computer system, realize the call, intercom, monitoring, lock, connected to the Internet, text/picture/visitors take a message, information release, residents security alarm, household intercom, remote video surveillance, advertising, electronic photo frame, multimedia playback, elevator from spreading, the community network service and other functions, to achieve the desired property management requirements.

   K1 system structure diagram is as follows: 

The system characteristics

 System for pure digital architecture system, the network for TCP/IP architecture to the home;

 Wiring simple, high-speed data transmission, reliable, the entire signal automatic inspection;

 Large capacity system, support long distance transmission signal, anti-interference and strong resistance to lightning strike, suitable for large area;

 Door and the door is completely isolated, when one fails, do not affect the whole system work;

 Realize multimodal functions, management machine, door machine, indoor machine can work together at the same time the line is busy and there is no problem;

 Network flexibility, can with other subsystems public residential quarter a local area network (LAN), reducing cost of outdoor pipe embedded;

 Construction debugging is simple, thereby reducing the construction debugging cost;

 System extensions can do good, can be extended to realize intelligent household control functions;

 Interface standard, standard, conducive to integration;

 System Settings humanized, debugging is simple, and can realize online upgrade and backup;

 The door machine and the quantity of indoor machine adopts full digital networking;

 System can realize the management of machine function, when the call busy machine can turn to other management;

 Center system can send information to all the residents, also can send information to specify residents;

 Indoor machine full menu operation interface in Chinese, image/text with screen, display support personalized Settings.

 Indoor machine has eight sectors, protection zones can be extended, can meet various kinds of security alarm equipment;

 Indoor function to cloth, operation, the machine will alarm protection zones with multiple alarm protection zones, the alarm protection zones can independently cloth, removal, removal when must enter the password.

 Indoor host and extension can be two-way communication, the realization of insider calls function;

 Residents through indoor function and the two-way voice communication in any community residents, family call functions;

● Can l indoor machine with the door machine, management, realize the three functions;

 Indoor machine, and the management of machine can be used to monitor the door machine images;

 Indoor machine can query, upload all the alarm monitoring, phone records;

 Indoor machine can be stored and visitors to browse pictures, video, voice;

 Indoor machine and elevator call linkage function;

 Use full digital screen, touch screen and keystrokes optional;

 Networking community services, convenient out booking, order and other services;


System function

1. Three-way calling function;

2. Entrance guard control functions;

3. Elevator control function;

4. Security alarm function;

5. Information release function;

6. Image monitoring functions;

7. Image storage function;

8. Family functions;

9. Visual functions;

10. Community service function;

11. The writers backlight function;

12. Software management function;

13. Interface customization features; 

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