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Huitong technology: zhongshan South African enterprise docking communication meeting
2016-10-29 16:51:43  Release  Browsing times:

    In deepening South African companies and huitong technology economic and trade exchanges, to seek more cooperation opportunities, on October 29, guangdong huitong information technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: huitong technology) at the invitation of zhongshan South African business docking the organizing committee of the conference, by the deputy general manager, the board secretary Yang, deputy general manager Zhou Jianjiang chih-cheng tseng and manager on behalf of the company participated in the communication fields, the scene scene warm overflow, company representatives and industry enterprises in South Africa on behalf of the in-depth exchanges. 

    Communication meeting the next day that on October 30, a number of companies in South Africa to the organizing committee on behalf of the active request, demand in South Africa on the day before the return to the company for further visits, communication, and for their industry present situation and the development of enterprise, enterprise in South Africa cooperation policy support, investment environment and project docking feasibility and suitability of such in-depth discussion, atmosphere, for the company with South Africa's pragmatic cooperation and docking project to build the good foundation.

   Companies over the years committed to promoting political, economic, cultural and other fields of exchange and cooperation, have the reputation of "rainbow nation" South Africa is located in the southernmost tip of the African continent, is an endpoint of the maritime silk route. Through the communication, to better promote the company's international exchanges and cooperation, help to promote the bilateral economic and trade cooperation and all the way "area" strategy, bring a broad space for development for the company. 

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