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The key project-intelligent & safe city of Huitong Technology smoothly through the acceptance
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The key project-intelligent & safe city of Huitong Technology smoothly through the acceptance

  Congratulations to Guangdong Huitong Information Technology co. ,LTD. (abbreviation: Huitong Technology, stock code: 837063) the key project- the intelligent & safe city –- the video monitoring project of Haizhou village, Guzhen town, Zhongshan one-time accepted by related departments, smooth completion of the project marks more security for cities, more peaceful for the society.

  The projects of Haizhou village, Guzhen town, Zhongshan Construction of Video Monitoring is one of the large-scale application cases --- intelligent & safe city in Guangdong Province, which used of advanced video monitoring subsystem and two-way voice alarm equipment monitoring center subsystem platform. And it is the current large-scale urban operations projects of  intelligent & safe city.

The key construction project

  The project began in July 2016. According to the actual situation, it carried out more than 80 HD video monitoring installation. After four months, the project has had a successful completion. In the inspection and acceptance site, the assessment team has carried on the detailed field sampling inspection for all the project’s main body, listened to the project completion acceptance report, checked references carefully. After comprehensive testing, they agreed that the project construction in conformity with the acceptance criteria and gave the full affirmation and a high degree of evaluation for the project.

The key construction project of Huitong Technology smoothly through the acceptance

  Social security is related to everyone's life, property security and interested very highly. So at present--the reform and development of our country has entered the key period, which at the same time people's internal contradictions/ criminal crime / complex safety etc. problems increased . On May 3rd, as early as in 2015, nine ministries commissions jointly issued About several opinions of strengthening the construction of public security video surveillance network application, which put forward to 2020, to realize the whole domain basic cover, entire network sharing, full-time available to use, the controllable of public security video surveillance network applications. And it can ensure the people to live and work in peace and contentment, social stability and orderly national security.

  The construction project put into use, which vigorously promoted the construction of the intelligent & safe city. It is helpful to build and strengthen the construction of social security prevention and control system, and further to enhance the level of public security prevention and contro. Under the leadership of the relevant departments, Huitong Technology will do its level best to provide more protection for the safety of life and property of the people.

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