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Smart city
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   The company has R & D design, professional technical team customized according to customer's specific requirements of the application system platform, aiming at the design of related equipment procurement, construction, installation and implementation of the security system. The company also provides customers with operational management of value-added services. At present, the wisdom of urban engineering, safe urban engineering, intelligent transportation, telecommunications, justice, government, community projects and other key areas of security applications is the focus of the company involved in the field.

   Smart city is the sense of key information measurement, analysis, integration of the core city operations system using information and communication technology, so as to make intelligent response to various needs of the people's livelihood, including environmental protection, public security, city services, industrial and commercial activities. Its essence is the use of advanced information technology to achieve the city's intelligent management and operation.

   With the increasing demand of social security, traditional security engineering can not meet the needs of people. Fusion of safe city, smart buildings, things, big data and cloud computing smart city construction has become the industry's future development direction.

   The future of Huitong technology will be involved in the big data and cloud computing and other fields, the use of big data and other emerging technologies to deal with massive data in the hands of users.

   The government to provide the public with valuable information, to enhance the governance capacity, itself has also become a future smart city operators.

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