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Intelligent Transportation
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  Company has a professional technical team, according to customer specific requirements for customized design, application system development platform, in view of the design schemes are related to the purchase of equipment, and for security system construction, installation. Companies can also provide customers with value-added service operations management. Engineering, safe city project, at present, wisdom city, intelligent transportation, telecommunications, judicial, government, community projects such as key security applications is the company's key step in field.


  Company for building platform, according to customer demand, use of modern communication technology, information technology, monitoring technology design intelligent security system solutions, such as the external purchase equipment necessary to achieve the program or use company own-brand products, installation, construction and the whole system, and realizes the intelligent control of building and construction equipment and management, to optimize the information resources management, satisfy the user to the structure of the monitoring, management and the demand of information sharing, so that the intelligent building has the characteristics of safe, comfortable, efficient and environmental protection.


  Company can provide customers with visual intercom system, closed-circuit television monitoring system, entrance guard management and consumption management system, parking lot monitor system, perimeter anti-theft alarm system, electronic patrolling system, form a complete set of weak current guarantee system, intelligent building system solutions. Visual talk-back system provided by the company as an example. Visual talk-back system is a kind of engineering business and modern property requirements for security systems, management center as the core, take building visual intercom as the main body, can be connected to a computer system, realize the call, intercom, monitoring, lock, connected to the Internet, text/picture/visitors take a message, information release, residents security alarm, every household intercom, remote video monitor, advertising, electronic photo frame, multimedia playback, elevator from spreading, the community network service and other functions, to achieve the desired property management requirements. Concrete structure is as follows: 

   In addition, the company also has independent research and development of digital integrated services platform. The platform is based on the background of "triple play", business service centered a comprehensive community service platform, has a good scalability and portability, can widely integrate all kinds of high-quality service resources, application function, can meet the demand of intelligent community specific function. Companies with TCP/IP protocol digital integrated service platform, the intelligent data acquisition and equipment control technology as the core key technology platform, database, background operation management system, can make end users can use mobile phone, computer terminal equipment in the platform to realize video equipment, audio equipment, lighting equipment, household electrical appliances or other access electrical hardware integration management. In addition, the platform based on access to the system of network service, data service, application service and the concrete function module, the customer can use after opening the network terminal equipment application specific function module. Through this platform, end users can enjoy including laundry service, medicine distribution, water and electricity maintenance, logistics distribution, life information, documents processing, online shopping, and other features, the future is more available for large data analysis technology, dig into the customer requirements, cooperate with the merchants of high credibility, targeted to gradually improve the construction of digital community. The technical architecture of this platform as shown in the figure below: 

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