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Safe city
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   The company has R & D design, professional technical team customized according to customer's specific requirements of the application system platform, related equipment for the design, construction, procurement and installation of security systems. The company also provides customers with operational management of value-added services. At present, the wisdom of urban engineering, safe urban engineering, intelligent transportation, telecommunications, justice, government, community projects and other key areas of security applications is the focus of the company involved in the field.

   Safe city project is a long-term construction and maintenance of the project, the company is currently responsible for the third phase of the construction and transformation of the first phase of the system into the two phase of the new system, to achieve the overall synergy. The company through the video and audio, signal collected information into the information management platform for customers, according to the distribution of city areas and places, the road safety level of different parts of the division, to provide the city video surveillance system to the corresponding solutions, the realization of security solutions needed to purchase or use equipment company own brand products, and implement the installation, construction, integration and other customized services for the whole system. The overall structure diagram is shown below:

    The main structure of safe city video surveillance solutions company is composed of front-end data acquisition system, network transmission system, data storage system, monitoring system management platform and other components, collection, transmission, storage, management and sharing links mainly related to audio and video. The solution flow chart is shown below:

(1) front end data acquisition system

   The front end data acquisition system is mainly composed of the monitoring points. The company according to the requirements of the project, using different equipment and network structure of monitoring location, different monitoring objects, the importance of monitoring, acquisition and conversion of network transmission on analog audio and video signals, by encoder Shuangliu style digital video signal, is sent to the appropriate storage area network equipment for video storage, or sent to the decoder for on-site monitoring. Vehicle detection, image acquisition and recognition, monitoring section state video image data acquisition, and monitoring of vehicles through regional process analysis, automatic recording violation behavior, providing information for real-time visual monitoring of the scope of the command staff, various security incidents and video forensics.

(2) transmission network system

   The transmission network system mainly realizes the front end network equipment data exchange as well as the front end equipment and the center equipment communication, the front end collects the information to transmit to the central platform in real time, carries on the centralized storage and the management. Because of wide coverage, many monitoring points and environmental interference, monitoring traffic flow, the whole network traffic is huge, real-time monitoring and other characteristics are common in monitoring system, the company of different scale construction of different forms of high quality and low loss monitoring private IP network monitoring service independent network load, using optical fiber transmission to to ensure the reliability of the transmission rate and the stable operation. The schematic diagram of the transmission network system is as follows:

(3) data storage system

   The data storage system stores the vast amount of video information produced by the local area network to monitor the metropolitan area network. According to the project requirements and the actual situation of flexible design, deployment of storage devices and data management, based on the data types, characteristics and importance of the distinction between storage and unified management. At the same time, the storage system design, the company fully consider the possibility of project future expansion, to ensure the further increase in storage capacity requirements, can be simple and rapid for the system expansion, the expansion does not appear difficult or restricted to the initial system design problems.

(4) monitoring system management system

   Monitoring system management system mainly includes management platform, media forwarding, client, TV wall, application server and other equipment and software system. The management platform of the company mainly rely on the data collected by the collection point, the data collection, processing, storage, comprehensive analysis of the summary. The system includes database server, video management server, streaming media server, storage management server and so on. The basic architecture of the management platform is as follows:

   The platform application module is comprehensive and flexible, and can be abstracted from the management information of the complex storage equipment and the information related to the monitoring service. The company according to the requirements of the project, the software function module design project customized the platform, procurement can achieve system management, database management, streaming media transmission, storage management, GIS application services, behavior analysis services, video quality diagnostic services, intelligent retrieval, video analysis, the offline forensics and other functions of the software equipment according to law enforcement departments, and departments, duty front leadership and management maintenance personnel of different business needs respectively B/S and C/S mode client. Therefore, the relevant departments can monitor fast positioning, the implementation of video preview statistics, each monitoring point automatic inspection, video playback, full function PTZ control and execute packet round tour and quickly set up an emergency plan and other tasks, efficient and quick access to the scene of the first hand data, effective command of related resources, improve management efficiency and emergency handling ability of.

   Under the management of the platform, the subsystems cooperate with each other, the level is clear, to maximize the use of existing security management facilities and resources to provide all kinds of information for the relevant authorities and responsibilities. In addition, the company in the guarantee does not affect the function and performance, and realizes the centralized management of a large number of equipment in storage system and dynamic allocation of storage resources, reduce server equipment investment, saving cost.

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